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Salt Damage

It can be very exciting when a snow storm hits Toronto but not when you need to drive your car. Thankfully, the City of Toronto has hard working crews that clear the streets so that we can get back to our daily routines.











Although snow plows work hard to push the snow out of the way, another great asset in cleaning the streets is road salt. The salt is able  to melt the ice and snow because it lowers the water's freezing point.














While salt helps in making our streets safe, many drivers do not realize the harmful effects the salt solution can have on vehicles. When driving in winter weather, salt finds its way into the undercaraige and small crevices of the car. If the salt is not cleaned off, it can start to deteriorate and cause unwanted rust.













The solution is to get your car wash as soon as possible after a snow fall. The longer the car is driven before washing the chemicals off, the more time the salt has to settle in and start the corroding process. The best advice is to wash your car often during the winter season to prevent salt build up.

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