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Individual Washes


Regular Full Service* Car Wash                               $ 33.00**

Turtle Wax Full Service* Car Wash                          $ 38.00**






Regular Books of Tickets (6 washes)                     $ 173.00 **

Turtle Wax Book of Tickets (6 washes)                  $ 203.00 **    


Commercial Book of Tickets (20 washes)              $ 520.00**  








Yearly Car Wash Contract                                      $ 1200.00 +HST





*Our 'Full Service Car Wash' includes pressure washing of the vehicle to remove dust, dirt and other debris, paying special attention to wheel wells and rocker panels. A light manual cleaning of the rims and wheels is provided. The exterior of the car is cleaned in a conveyor tunnel wash and is towel dried. We vacuum all carpets and upholstery, both front and back, including carpeted mats and we power spray any rubber mats. We also dust all hard services including dashboards, console areas and instrument panels. We wipe cup-holders, clean the windows and clean the mirrors. The customer has the option to self-apply an underspray to clean the undercarriage of the vehicle. Trunks are vacuumed upon request at no extra charge (please let an attendant know at the drying stage).


The customer has the option of upgrading the wash to include 'Turtle Wax' which is a hydrophobic (water repellant) sealing agent which is deposited on the car's surface to seal out water, weather, salt, and dirt and protect your car's finish.


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